Requiem’s Reach – R. M. Garino [Book Review]

Intense, fast-paced, and bittersweet. Requiem’s Reach is the prequel to Garino’s The Gates of Golorath series that fills the reader with intrigue and wonder. Garino takes us back to the time before the Gates of Golorath were sealed. Stuck in a siege and constantly bombarded by strikes by the Lo’ademn, they are preparing for the … Continue reading Requiem’s Reach – R. M. Garino [Book Review]

The Protector – Gloria Repp [Book Review]

The Protector – Gloria Repp [Book Review]

Lindsey Dumont is a photographer working on sealing a deal with a top publisher to print her photographs in a book running with the theme of children and literature. That is, until her life falls into chaos when she discovers that her family home is under attack by vandals and strange people insisting that they … Continue reading The Protector – Gloria Repp [Book Review]

Angels of Perdition – R. M. Garino [Review]

Angels of Perdition is the second book in the Chaos of Souls series written by R. M. Garino. Following straight on from Gates of Golorath (You can read my review of that book here), Angels of Perdition lands us back at the Gates following the Menace trial that took place at the end of Gates of Golorath. New conflicts are arising … Continue reading Angels of Perdition – R. M. Garino [Review]

Incarnation – Laura Davis Hays [Review]

Kelsey Dupuis has had a connection with the spiritual world from a very young age. Upon taking a job in a company called 'BioVenture' in which she is researching a new organism, she starts to have dreams that linked her to an Atlantian girl called Iriel. As Kelsey and Iriel's lives and fates intertwine, Kelsey … Continue reading Incarnation – Laura Davis Hays [Review]

Tomorrow – Damian Dibben [Review]

Tomorrow is a story about determination, companionship, and courage. This book follows a dog called Tomorrow who waits and searches for his lost master for 127 years. And no, that wasn't a typo. While this story can mostly be categorised as a historical fiction novel, there is also a large element of fantasy involved. Tomorrow's … Continue reading Tomorrow – Damian Dibben [Review]